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Health Benefits

Do you know what's living in your carpets?

What's living in your carpets?

Carpeting is beautiful and beneficial, but it also collects pollutants very effectively. This unhealthy material enters our homes in the air or clings to our clothing, fur, or feet. It settles into our carpets and onto upholstered surfaces just like a furnace filter collects dust and airborne particles.

Harmful Pollutants

The indoor air is chocked full of harmful pollutants, 200% to 500% higher than outdoors! Dust-mites thrive in this filth deep down in the carpet. Every time someone moves across the carpet they stir up these pollutants into the air, and can stay there for an hour or more. 

Harmful pollutants are 200%-500% higher indoors than outdoors!
House dust mites are too small to be visible to the naked eye.

Dust Mites

Dust mite allergens can affect us all. They can be harmful to the young, old, infirm, and everyone in-between. Major universities, health organizations, and the EPA warn us against the harmful effects of exposure to dust mites, and their allergens.

Carpet Mold

Molds are always present in the air and typically grow and flourish in damp, warm, poorly lighted areas, or where air circulation is poor. Using a "truck-mounted" wet, soapy process can cause mildew.

Mold in your carpet isn't always visible to one's eye