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Tim is fantastic. He has been cleaning my carpet for years. I give his name to all my clients and they have always raved about how great he is and how the carpet looks like new after he is done.. The carpets are so clean and almost dry when he is finished. No waiting for hours and not being able to walk on your carpets. I have seen so many before and afters that you would be amazed, it's unbelievable. He shows up on time and does a great job. I would recommend him to everyone.
Lauren Holmes

Just can’t say enough great things about this company. We had Tim come to clean several rooms in a home that we are getting ready to put on the market. We thought we’d try this as a last ditch effort before just rippiing it all out and replacing with new. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the finished product! The carpet looked BRAND NEW or pretty close to new as you can get. I still can’t believe the difference. Give them a try - great price and you get excellent results. Thank you so very much!

Yvette Graves

Carpet Cleaning Plus has what I think is the best carpet cleaning system I have ever seen. Cammy and her husband Mike started in this industry with [another] franchise and now have their own company. The stuff that cleaned the red wine on my carpets from Christmas is good but their new solution is even better. However, the difference with these guys, in my opinion, is the pride and excellence they put into their work. Solution and process aside, they get it done. So whether you need your own carpets cleaned, have clients, or in [my friend's] case, realtors, please feel free (coming from a really clean dude who has used them) to recommend or try them.

David G. Duluth

I also wanted to give a HUGE praise to Mike and Cammie, Mike came out to lake house yesterday and cleaned the carpets and they look AWESOME!!!!! I really didn't think he was going to be able to get them that clean but he did.. I think he surprised himself.

They were dirty but my main concerns were some big spots through out but they all came up and it looks great!

Julie B. - Cumming

I had no idea what the original color of my grout tile was, so I had no idea how dirty it was!  The results of the grout cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Plus are like night and day!

Even my neighbor said my kitchen floor looked brand new!  I will most certainly pay closer attention to the grout color from now on and will definitely make grout cleaning as regular as cleaning my carpets.

Speaking of carpets...  I also had my carpets cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Plus and those results are also fantastic.  Mike and Cammy have cleaned my carpets before using their old solution and a handful of the stains started returning within a week.  It has been over a week now since the living room carpet was cleaned and not one single stain has returned.  I also had a pretty soiled traffic path that the old solution didn't have much effect on.  The new solution reduced the darker path by at least 90%.  I can hardly see it now!  My carpet is just over 9 years old - light beige - and I was pretty sure it was time to replace it.  After this last cleaning I'm sure it will last much much longer.

Thanks Mike and Cammy!  My house is looking amazing with the work you've done here.  I'm just waiting for you to announce that you have come up with something else to clean!

Linda A. - Cumming

I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did on cleaning my tile. As you know, my entire home is either tile or concrete floors and for years I have been looking for someone who could clean the grout and restore the color to like new. When I heard you could do that, I jumped on it.

As I expected, your fee was reasonable and your service impeccable. You arrived on time, did an outstanding job and thoroughly cleaned up. And the result is wonderful! My tile looks new. No more dirty grout in front of the kitchen sink or den. I even had to leave home for an hour or so and felt very comfortable leaving you alone in my home.

I really appreciate the wonderful service you guys provide. Please feel free to use this letter as a testament to your service. If you need any references, feel free to give my number out to anyone considering your services. It was a pleasure working with you and I’ll be sure to refer you to my friends considering tile or carpet cleaning.

Leon E. - Marietta